Our Mission
Story Tellers
* To explore the history of the region.
* To identify the uniqueness of the area.   Bordering counties,  such as Franklin, Maury, Giles,        Coffee and Madison County, AL are also identified with this area.   Researchers may have trouble linking a particular county with "The Ridge."   Hopefully we would be able to help.
* To preserve and restore family cemeteries that are in disrepair or have been abandoned.
* To display the many surnames of the people who settled in the area and to promote the research of them.
* To promote an annual meeting of the Chestnut Ridge Cousins, for the purpose of fellowship, the exchange of family information, and the promotion of educational programs through informative speakers.
* To share stories and photos that have been passed down, being careful not to embarrass anyone.   The submitter should clearly indicate which stories have been verified and which ones have not.
* To develop plans to make as much of our genealogical and historical information as possible available to future generations via print or the Internet.

If you are interested in joining us, please complete the  Information form.