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Chestnut Ridge Cousins is a genealogical organization, formed in 2002, committed to sharing family history with all our cousins.  The Chestnut Ridge area is located in Middle Tennessee where the current Bedford, Lincoln, Marshall, and Moore counties all come together.
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From the local Shelbyville Newspaper, Ed Observer, April 11, 1912   
For the benefit or information of your readers who may not know, I will state that Chestnut Ridge is situated on the Shelbyville and Fayetteville pike, fourteen miles from Fayetteville and twelve miles from Shelbyville, and to all appearances about the middle of the world as the sky seems to touch the earth at about the same distance all around.
We have two dry goods stores, one blacksmith shop, one grist mill, one church (Christian), one school house, Masonic hall, Odd Fellows' Hall, and Woodman's Hall.  Besides, we have clever men, pretty women, and very fine water.  Don't everybody come here for there is not enough room for all....                                                                                                                                                         Anonymous Author
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