2005 CRC Survey Results
(Please e-mail me with your address if you would like to contribute to the survey.)

Everyone did not answer every question on the survey!  I  received 22 surveys.
I think that it is important for the CRC to meet every year: 

I think that the CRC should meet every other year: 

It is important that the CRC meet within the Ridge are.

I would attend the reunion if it were held in Nashville.

The previous reunion activities have been interesting to me.

I consider myself a genealogist.

I would like to attend more genealogy related sessions.  

The current reunion schedule is good.  

I believe that the reunion should last through Sunday. 

The CRC website is helpful to others or me.

I enjoy the CRC newsletter. 

I have contributed articles, recipes, etc. to the newsletter.

The newsletter should be sent:

Annual dues should be:

You must be a member to receive the newsletter:

I have attended the reunion:

Yes:  9              No:  10

Yes: 11               No: 6

Yes: 16               No: 4

Yes: 11               No: 9

Yes: 19             No: 0

Yes: 16               No: 4

Yes: 15               No: 3

Yes: 13               No: 3

Yes: 5              No: 11

Yes: 19            No: 1

Yes: 22            No: 0

Yes: 5              No: 15

6 issues:2votes;4 issues:8 votes;2 issues:3votes

$5.00: 4 votes;$10.00: 7 votes;$15.00: 7 votes; $20.0: 4 votes

Yes: 17            No: 3

0 times: 5 people;1 time: 2 person; 2 times: 3 people; 3 times: 5 people; 4 times: 7 people