Chestnut Ridge Cemeteries

Current Cemetery Project:
Harkins Cemetery & King Cemetery
both located in Lincoln County
To make a donation to support the current above projects (January-March 2018)
Make checks payable to: Chestnut Ridge Cousins and mail to: Chestnut Ridge Cousins
c/o Bobby Prosser, 1017 Wildcat Road, Dickson, TN   37055    
Your donation will support the following restoration work on the Harkins and King Cemeteries:

Grave fill dirt
Gravestone Repair
Tree Cutting and Removal
Removal of Brush
Fencing Materials for the King Cemetery
Chainsaw and Wheel Barrows

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Here is a partial list of Cemeteries that need attention. They are going to be lost within a few years if we do not get started on saving them.    If you want to volunteer to assist with cemetery preservation contact Bobby Prosser.

Brents Cemetery - [Marshall County] About 1 to 1 1/2 miles east of Talley Station

Brooks Cemetery - [Marshall County] About 1 mile west of the Talley Station Community, on Fishing
Ford Rd.

Cornelius Sullivan Cemetery - [Lincoln County] I am still trying to locate it. I think I know where it is. I
believe that it is in a wooded field north of where the waters of Gimlett Creek start, within the same area of the
Howell Johnston Cemetery.

Greer Cemetery - [Lincoln County] Two 1/2miles E of Petersburg and N of Petersburg-Chestnut ridge Rd. and W of Hannahs Gap Rd.

Harkins Cemetery - [Lincoln County] It is adjoining the King Cemetery.

Howell Johnston Cemetery - [Lincoln County] It is off of Waggoner Hill Rd. west of Booneville, would
like to locate and reclaim.

King Cemetery - [Lincoln County] Located on Petersburg Rd. about 1 to 1 1/2 miles on left as you descend
from The Ridge.

Luna Cemetery - [Marshall County] This is where old Peter Luna is buried a couple miles southwest of the
Talley Station Community on Fishing Ford Rd.

McAdams Cemetery - [Marshall County] There is a sad story behind the loss of this cemetery.  Sherry and I have discussed it and it needs to be marked.

Mt. Hermon Cemetery -[Bedford County] Location map

Nichols Cemetery-[Lincoln County] This is located on the WELSH farm on Hannah Gap Road.

Phillips Cemetery- [Lincoln County] This is located on the Ridge on the CURRIN farm 1/4 mile past the old Chestnut Ridge store.

Porter Cemetery - [Marshall County] Off of Liberty Valley Rd. on Arbor Hill RD.

Prosser Cemetery - [Moore County] On top of 'The Ridge", I have done some work there but more is

Prosser Cemetery - [Moore County] In Bartlett Hollow, although this cemetery has been destroyed, I
wished we could get it marked in someway.

Russell Cemetery - [Bedford County] This is where William Madison Russell is buried. Cemetery books
refer to it being in the Richmond Community, but it is more in the Bedford Community.

Sandifer Cemetery - [Marshall County] Off of Liberty Valley Rd. on Arbor Hill Rd.

Shull Cemetery- [Lincoln County] located Three and one-half miles south of Belleville
on west side of Highway 231 at Norris Creek.

Stone Cemetery - [Lincoln County] About 2 to 3 miles east of Highway 231, where Mark Prosser and his
wife Jane Leftwich are buried.

Talley Cemetery-[Marshall County] Route 129, Delina Road, Petersburg