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  James Prosser Grant Recorded 15 Feb 1833

 The State of Tennessee--------

To All Whom These Presents Shall Come Greetings

Know Ye All That

  For and in consideration of the sum of one _____ ____ paid in the office of the county ____ of Lincoln County and entered as the 25th day of November 1826 pursuant of the said lines of an act of the General Assembly of said state proposed on the twenty second day of November one thousand eight hundred and twenty three, and the act supplemental there to by No. 1438.

 There is granted by the State of Tennessee, unto James Prosser

 A certain tract or parcel, containing Eighty Acres & 48 poles

By survey bearing date the 11th day of April 1827 lying in said county,

On the waters of the west fork of Mulberry Creek a north branch of Elk River, and bounded as follows to _______ wherein said Prosser now lives, Running south eighty nine & 60/100 poles to two hickory & a hack, thence east forty four poles to a small white walnut of a _______ and on the west boundary lines of a 50 acre entry unto the name of Jonathan Reynolds, thence north thirteen poles to a _____thru (tha isal connery?)  said 30 acres, thence east one hundred fifteen poles to a homebearer on the bank of the creek, thence north fifty& five tenth poles to an elm ironwood, white oak _____ bud, on the south boundary line of a 25 acre entry in the name of Charles (Calling?) thence west twenty two poles to an ironwood & ______ the south west corner of said 25 acres, thence north thirty one poles to a haw bush & small buckeye, thence west one hundred & thirty seven poles to a stake on the east boundary line of _____ 50 acres, thence south _____ & line one hundred poles to the ______.

 With the hereditaments and appurtenances To have and to Hold the said tract or parcel of land with in appurtenance to the said James Prosser and his heirs forever ______ William Carroll Governor of the State of Tennessee hath here unto set his hand and (caused?) the grant seal of the state_____ at Nashville on the 12th day of December In the Year of the Lord one thousand eight and thirty ______ the independence of the United States 



Lincoln County Court Book, Page 107 

Last Will of James Prosser deceased

In the name of God amen, I James Prosser of the county of Lincoln and State of Tennessee do make and ordain this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills by me at anytime heretofore made. As to the worldly effects it has pleased God to bless me with, I dispose of as follows (to wit).

1st I direct that all my debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any money I may die possessed or that may first come into the hands of my Executors.

2nd I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Frances Prosser during her naturall (sic) life all on my estate both real and personal except such portions of the same as I may hereafter named so that she may have a competent support and be allowed to raise and educate our children.

3rd My will and desire is that my son Mark Prosser and my three Daughters Mary Amelia, Elizabeth Frances and Hepsey Prosser all and each have a good Horse, bridle and saddle, cow & calf and bed and furniture so that their portion be made up equal with my other children.

4th My will and desire is at the death of my wife all my Negroes and perishable property be sold on a credit of Twelve months and the proceeds equally divided between all my Daughters.

5th My will and desire is at the death of my wife my land be sold on a credit of one, two and three years and the money equally divided between all my Sons. And lastly, I do hereby nominate and appoint Lewis Newsom Esq. and John D. Prosser my Executors in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 7th May 1854.

                                                                                                                   Jas. Prosser (seal)

Signed and published in our presence and we have subscribed our names in the presence of the Testator this 7th May 1854.


John Landess

Lewis Newsom

John D. Prosser

Proved in open court 5th March 1855

Transcribed by Bobby Prosser (Note in this document James Prosser mentions four of his fourteen children; son Mark, daughters Mary Amelia, Elizabeth Frances and Hepsey. In documents of the will of John D. Prosser these four are listed along with nine other siblings plus John D. Prosser acknowledging them as his brothers and his sisters.)  


Will of J. D. Prosser

Transcribed by Bobby Prosser; in this document J. D. (John Duke) mentions all thirteen of his siblings. This helps Prosser researchers affirm the children of James and Frances Richardson Prosser) See translators note at the end of document.

Filed March 21st 1898, Probated in Office Court March 21st 1898, In Page 281 of Minute Book No. 5 & Records in Will Book W, Pages 91 – 92 – 93 – 94  W. J. Morris Clerk   

I John Duke Prosser being now sound in mind and memory knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death and desiring to direct the disposition and division of all my property after my death as I honestly believe to be right and to suit my own inclinations. I do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all others written as nuncupative at anytime by me made
(1) I direct that my executor shall take charge of my entire property that I may die possessed of immediately after my death and disperse in the same as I herein direct
(2) As soon as practical after my death I will and direct that my funeral expences (sic) be paid by my executor as herein directed, and that all my just debts be paid, and that thes (sic) ______ _______ be paid out of any money that I may die possessed of as may first come into the hands of my executor
(3) I direct that all money that shall come into the hands of my executor after expending and paying out as I herein direct; shall be divided among my Brothers and sisters that are a living and the living children of my Brothers and sisters as I herein direct. I direct that the division shall be made as follows, (B Wit.) I direct that my brother Jonathan be charged with an advance of five Hundred and fifteen dollars, That is to say that amount ($515.00) and lawful interest from now until the time of settlement shall be deducted from his distributive share, and that my Brother Berry’s children be charged with an advance of three hundred dollars that is to say that they shall have the amount of ($300.00) together with lawful interest from this date until time of settlement deducted from their distributive shares and I direct that the said amounts agrigahing (sic) (note from translator may be aggregating meaning taken all together) Eight hundred and fifteen dollars together with the interest so as to include the entire amount deducted from said two shares shall be divided equal between my living sisters Jane and Priscilla and Hepsey each now dead. The living children of Jane receiving her share and the living children of Priscilla shal (sic) receive her share and the living child of Hepsey receiving her share so as to divide said amount into six equal parts, which will as a special bequest to my sisters now living and the children of them that are dead. And I direct that after these deductions have been made and the amount set apart as in this clause directed. I will that – Brothers Jonathan and Jesse and William and Mark and the living children of my Brother Berry and my sister Eliza and Mary and Frances and the living children of my sisters Jane and Priscilla and Hepsey shall share equal in the division of my property each one receiving an amount equal with the other of what amount that shall receive in the hands of my executor. Provided that the children of Berry shall together receive one equal share and the children of Jane shall receive together one share and the children of Priscilla shall receive one share and child of Hepsey shall receive her one share, so as to divide the remainder of the entire proceeds of my property into eleven equal shares except as above set out as in Jonathan and Berry’s children. My brother Marion having received in his lifetime an amount greater share any of my other heirs shall receive. I for this reason decline to make any bequest for his children except good will.
(4) I will and direct that my executor shall as soon as practical after my death advertise and sell my personal property and that he sell it on a credit of twelve months with good security acquired except very small sums which he may sell for cash, and I direct that my land shall also be sold as soon as practical after my death and sold in such lots and divisions as may be deemed best so as to sell for the best price. I direct that my land be sold on a credit of one and two and three years so as to divide in three equal payments. And that my executor make said sale at public outcry after giving the required notice. And that he is hereby empowered to make all necessary deeds of conveyance to purchaisers (sic). I direct that notes with approved security be required and a loan retained until all purchase money is paid.
(5) I further direct that my executor set apart a sum sufficient to pay my funeral expenses as follows. I direct that my body after death shall be clothed in a respectful burial suit of close (sic) and shall be buried in a good respectable oak casket of good finish.
(6) I will that should my beloved wife Permealy who is now in very feeble health survive my death that she shall remain for and duering (sic) her natural life in the full enjoyment of our home – including household and kitchen goods and my entire farm and all except any personal property – which my executor shall sell as above directed except 2 horses and two milk cows and other line stock in same propartian ?  and feed for all – which shall remain with my beloved wife Permealy until her death to have all together with the increase and proceeds thereof . And I direct that my executor shall assist her in the care and the management of the same and that he take care of the farm and pay tax and other necessary expense out of the proceeds of the farm. And after the death of my wife should it occur after that of myself. I direct that my executor shall furnish my wife a burial equal in every respect to that I directed for myself and pay the necessary expense of the same out of my funds in his hands. Then my executor shall proceed to sell my land and the remaining personal property as first directed.
(7) After the final deceas (sic) of myself and my wife and before a final settlement and distribution is made by executor which he shall make in reasonable time  - I direct that my executor have properly erected at our graves a marble monument to cast one hundred and fifty dollars – that is I direct that we be laid side by side and the ________ be erected between our heads in the usual way of constructing such things. And that he shall have our graves enclosed with a strong substantial iron fence, and pay for all out of funds in his hands.
(8) I will and bequest to John C. Barnes? Two hundred dollars. And I direct that my executor shall pay said amount to him before making final distribution to my designated heirs.
(9) I have made no bequest to my brother Green, because he has no family except himself and his wife like myself and he has plenty of property to ampily (sic, amply) support himself and wife for and during their natural lifetime. And for this reason I decline to will him any of my property or estate.
(1) Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my executor
W. A. Gowan    and W. A. Prosser (Note W. A. Prosser has been marked out)
This the day of March 25 A.D. 1896
Signed and published in our presence and we have subscribed our names hereunto in the presence of the Testator on this the day of March 25th 1896                                 
 J. D. Prosser  
Witness – David Wagster
Witness – Wm Richardson

Note from Bobby Prosser this will was written March 25th, 1896. John D. Prosser died on 16 March 1898. In this will he mentions the care for his wife Permellia. Permellia died on the date 21 June 1896. In the meantime John D. remarries Sallie whom researchers believe to be Sallie Rainey. This document is prepared, John D. mentions himself, Permellia and his thirteen other siblings. Not knowing at the time this estate will be in court for many years and is not settled until around 27 August 1935 with all the siblings being deceased and it being passed on to their children and grandchildren that are named in another document.  


Guardian and Administrator’s Settlement Book 3.C pg 259 – 264

Transcribed by Bobby Prosser (This should be a Chestnut Ridge Cousin’s genealogist dream with all the names that are recorded in this document)

Moore Co. TN

 Tuesday Sept 6th 1898 (Page 259)

 Inventory of the effects of the estate of J. D. Prosser, deceased that came into the hands of J. J. & M. A. Prosser, Adms.


Two old bay brood mares
Two one year old mules
One Western mare
Two old cows and young calves
One old cow
On yoke of oxen, with yoke awhile
Two brood sows, and fourteen pigs
Head of other stock hogs
One threshing machine and horse power
One old mower and rake
One wheat grader, one old wheat _____
One old heavy wagon
One ox cart and log chain
Some old blacksmith tools

One tool chest and a lot of carpenter’s tools
One lot of sundries
Some farming implements
One small lot of lumber
About seventy five barrels of corn
One old road-scrapper
Two cross-cut saws
One old cider mill
One bureau, one clock
One old trunk
One common little table
Two feather beds and bed-steads, _____
Some bed clothing
Two straw beds and bed-steads, and clothing
One hand organ – one bedstead
One Cupboard

List of notes in the hands of J. J. and M. A. Prosser, admrs. Of J. D. Prosser, decd.

One note on J. C. Epps, Due May 30th 1897                                             $25.00 Doubtful
               J. L. Prosser due Aug 1st 1898                                               $30.00     
               T. L. Prosser due July 5th 1893                                              $40.00     
                J. W. Barham due Sept 2nd 1894                                           $  2.00     


One note on J. J. Prosser due April 25, 1896,                               $2.60
                                                Credited by                                  $2.00           .60
               E. Hix and V. G. Hix due Aug 1st 1898                                     15.00
               H. Raney and M. C. Redd due Dec 25 1897                           $25.00

Tuesday Sept 6th 1898 (Page 260)


Cash received by compromise of a claim against Sallie J. Prosser             300.00
See decree confirming years support                                                         17.62


 The following notes and articles were also received, but same were set apart to the widow, by the commissioners appointed by the county court to set apart a years support to the widow, Mrs. Sallie J. Prosser. 

Amount set apart by the commissioners for the widows support

One Note on Ledford and others                                                             300.00
               “ Holley and Sorrels                                                               110.00
               “ J. F. Rees                                                                              10.00
               “ G. W. Moore and others                                                        35.00
                 Mrs. Steelman                                                                       25.00
Seven Pictures                                                                                            10.00
One Heifer                                                                                                 15.00
One Bull                                                                                                     15.00
One Steer                                                                                                   15.00
Three mules, one horse and one mare                                                        200.00
One Hundred barrels of corn                                                                     150.00
      Thousand pounds of Bacon                                                                  60.00
Fifty pounds of lard                                                                                        3.00
Two rugs                                                                                                       4.00
One watch                                                                                                     8.00
One buggy and gearing                                                                                 35.00
On trunk, table and lamp                                                                                5.00

There is 463 Acres land of which 138 was set apart to the widow as Homestead and Dower State of Tennessee, Moore County
M. A. and J. J. Prosser, Admrs. ____ make oath, the forgoing is a True and correct list of all the effects of J. D. Prosser, deceased, that

Has come into their hands, as such Subscribed and sworn to
This July11/98       / J. J. Prosser
                             / M. A. Prosser

W. J. Morris Clerk

Tuesday Sept 6th 1898 (Page 261)

List of property sold at J. D. Prosser’s decd. Sale April 9th 1898

By J. J. and M. A. Prosser

Mark Collier                                     Cider Mill                                    .80
J, M. Prosser                                     2 oil cans                                    .25
W. A. Prosser                                    2                                             .10  
J. M. Prosser                                     Sundries & Jugs                          .10
Will Bagley                                        Saw Set                                      .45
Horace Nicks for W. A. Gowan        Double Tree & Irons                    .25
W. A. Steelman                                 Balances                                      .05
W. A. Prosser                                                                                     .15
J. Whitaker                                                                                        1.10
J. J. Woodard                                    Box of Irons                                .55
Geo Gealspie                                      Pump Chain                                .10
Butler Logan                                       Peach Cutter                              . 25
W. A. Steelman                                  Pile Sundries                                .25
W. A. Gowan                                     Saddle Bags                              1.10
Lee Crane                                          Hand Saw & 2 Augers                 .15
J. Whitaker                                         2 pr shears                                   .65
T. L. Prosser                                       3 Augers                                      .80
J. E. Bagley                                         Hand Ax                                      .45
Joe Robinson                                       Broad Ax & Tools                       .40
John Buntley                                        Rench (sic)                                   .10
Sam Gowan                                         Brace & Bits                                .65
J. C. Pitts                                             Screw & Plates                            .85 
Mrs. Fannie Prosser                             Coffee Iron                                  .30  
Geo Gelispie                                        2 cans paint                                1.45
Mrs. Sallie Prosser                               Small Kettle                                 .80
W. S. Raby                                          Large Kettle                                .80
J. H. Cox                                              Tool Chest                                2.50
J. G. Woodard                                      Whet Stone                                .10
D. McKinney                                        Nails                                           .25
W. A. Steelman                                     ________ (Sledge?)                   .35
T. L. Prosser                                         Half Bushell                                 .20
J. Whitaker                                            Basket                                        .20
Dan Wagister                                         Salt                                           1.90
J. E. Neece                                            Salt                                             .25
Mrs. Sallie Prosser                                 F---bed                                     5.75
Mrs. Bettie Steelman                              F---bed stead                            2.60
Mrs. M. W. Redd                                                                               2.00
       Mark Prosser                                                                             1.00
T. L. Prosser                                           F---bed stead                           3.60
W. A. Prosser                                         Sausage Mill                             1.30
Sam Gowan                                            Bed Springs                              1.05
Lee Crane                                               Bed Stead                                  .15
Morgan Raney                                             Springs                                 .15

Tuesday Sept 6th 1898 (Page 262)

(Unit brought forward)                                                                            36.15
Mrs. W. W. Redd                                    Bell                                           1.50
Belle Gammill                                           Mirror                                         .30
Henry Congro (Conger?)                                                                           .45
W. G. Steelman                                        Lamp                                          .20 
J. C. Raney                                                                                                .10
Albert Hazelwood                                     Lantern                                       .25
Mrs. Sallie Prosser                                    Table                                          .25
Lee Crane                                                 Jug                                             .05
 Tom Grace                                               Table                                         .10
M. W. Redd                                              Trunk and Hand Organ            4.55
I. J. Collier                                                 Hog Box                                 1.90
Homer Prince                                             Log Chain                                 .75
W. A. Shipley                                                                                          .20
F. M. Waid                                                Cradle                                       .50
M. G. Phillips                                                                                           1.80
J. H. Cox                                                   Hole Digger                             1.05
Thomas Bledsoe                                        Mowing Blade                           .75
Jno. Ashbey                                               Hay Knife                                  .35
Lon Renegar                                              Shovel                                        .40
R. C. Wright                                                                                               .35
J. C. Warren                                              Plow Gear                                  .50
Charley Holt                                                     Frog                                   .25
J. J. Woodard                                            Bundle Sundries                          .60
T. L. Prosser                                              Cross Cut Saw                           .85
Wilson Steelman                                         2                                           .10
W. B. Foster                                              Bush Puller                                 .35
Mrs. Sallie Prosser                                     Clock                                        1.00
Jesse Turpin                                                Safe                                           .50
J. G. Woodard                                           Wagon                                      9.50
W. A. Steelman                                          Ox Cart                                      .25
Nolen Ashby                                              Road Scrapper                            .85
J. F. Buntley                                               Grading Mill                             13.25
F. M. Turpin                                               Black S Tools                           9.25
                                                              Coal                                           .50
T. L. Prosser                                              Grind Stone                                 .40
J. G. Woodard                                           2 plow stocks                              .50
Charley Holt                                              3                                               .25
J. E. Neece                                                1                                               .85
Charley Holt                                              3                                               .40
M. L. Raney                                               Fish Seine                                    .25
H. W. Prince                                              wayward ? Plow                        1.10
J. D. Holley                                                Poney Plow                                 .30
Ben Redd                                                   Hay Rake                                  7.75
T. M. Gill                                                   Corn Sheller                               3.75
_______                                                    Roller                                          .15                                                                                                         108.15

Tuesday Sept 6th  1898 (Page 263)

Unit forward                                                       108.15  
T. L. Prosser             Mower                                17.00 
F. M. Waid               Threshing Machine                 5.00
Dr. Griswell               15 BBLS Corn                    24.00
T. J. Burns                 10                                    18.00 
J. C. Bryant               5                                        8.40
J. A. Steelman           3                                        5.40
Geo Carmack           5                                         9.00
W. C. Wagster         5                                         8.75
J. A. Richardson       5                                         8.75
J. H. Rutledge           10                                     15.50
J. B. Foster               5                                         8.75
J. R. McGee             10                                      16.00
W. W. Tessy?         12                                      19.20
Thomas Bledsoe       5                                          8.00
S. F. Ousley             10                                       16.00
G. O. Shull               10                                       16.00
E. R. Conwell           15                                       23.25
I. W. Sharp               5                                          8.00
B. M. Jones              5                                          7.75
J. E. Bagley               Lumber 35ct per 100               1.65
W. A. Prosser           Black Mare                           41.00
O. D. Gammill           Bay Mare                              21.00
Geo Gilispie              1 Mule                                   38.00
J. G. Woodard          Sorrel Mare                           15.00
Mrs. Sallie Prosser    Bay Horse                              15.00
Dock Prosser            Red Mule                               25.00
Mrs. Sallie Prosser    Black Mule                             20.00
J. Whitaker               Sorrel Mule                             17.00
Geo Gilispie              Mule                                       67.00
J. C. Patten              Cow & Calf                             23.00
Chashy Holt             Bureau                                       1.05
Bob Moore              Cow & Calf & 2 steers            55.00
Horace Nicks          15 shoats                                  17.25
Bob Moore              1 cow                                       15.00
J. M. Prosser            Wheat _______?                       1.00
J. E. Prosser             10 hogs                                     28.50
F. M. Waid              12 hogs                                     26.30
J. Whitaker               3 sows                                      22.15
Bob Moore              1 sow                                          6.20
Lon Renegar             Boar Hog                                    5.20
J. Whitaker               Bay Mare                                    5.00

31/2 bbls. of corn is to be off the amount in this corn list for the widow, her corn not all being in the crib she got, She having consented ____________________

 Tuesday Sept 6th 1898 (Page 264)

Instead of $42.00, the 31/2 bbls. Corn credited her at the average price of $1.65 per Bbl.
State of Tennessee  /   J. J. Prosser One of
Moore County        /    the adms. makes oath

That the foregoing is a true and perfect list of the property sold, name of purchaser and / price. This July 11th 1898. Subscribed and Sworn to before me July 11 1898/

W. J. Morris, Clerk                                                                                          J. J. Prosser

Received and admitted of record, this Sept 6th 1898 J. N. Sebastian, Chairman 
Mrs. Nora A. Stone, Guardian for Eliza Stone, _______ heir of Wm A. Stone, died
Settlement from Feby 4th  1897 to Feby 4th 1898

 To amt in hands Feby 4th 1897                              266.72
         int. on same to date                                       16.00


By amt allowed the Guardian from trouble ____        15.00
By amt paid clerk this settlement                                  1.00
To Amt in hands July 4/98                                       266.72

Respectfully submitted to Court

                                                    W. J. Morris,   Clerk

Approved and admitted to record this Sept 6th 1898

                                                     J. M. Sebastian, Clerk


The Last Will and Testament of J. A. Prosser

Transcribed by Bobby Prosser (This is [J. A.] James Asberry Prosser. This is the lineage of Betty Flo Prosser Glass)

Filed for Probation May 29th 1885, James W. Byrom, Clerk

Probation in open court June 1st 1885 on page 228 of Minute Book 3 & recorded in Will Book A pages 30 & 31, Witness Jas. W. Byrom, Clerk 

 State of Tennessee Moore County May the 23 1885

I Jas. A. Prosser of the county of Moore & Sate of Tennessee being of sound & disposing mind but in feeble health so make & publish this my last will & testament hereby revoking & making null & void all former wills made by me at anytime.

Item 1st It is my will that my body shall be Decently Interned & my soul shall be saved in Heaven

 2------ I will and desire that my funeral expenses & all my just debts shall be paid  by my exectors (sic) out of the first moneys coming their hands as soon as Practacable (sic)

3------I will to my beloved wife Rebecca one hundred & fifty acres of land to be laid off of the upper end of my whole tract Including the homestid (sic) to the best advantage taken in view the sail (sic) of the whole lands said Rebecca to have & to hold the same during her Natural life or widowhood.

 4th ---- It is my will the Balance of my landed estate be sold by my executors as a whole or in smaller lots as my entrusted may think best on a credit of one & two & three years time.

 5------ I will that my wife Rebecca shall have 20 head of choice hogs, 2 choice cows & calves, one gray mare & one sorrel mare together one hundred barrels of corn at gathering time, also one wagon & harness together with all my household & kitchen furniture.

 Article 6 - It is my will that all my personal property shall remain on the premises until Oct next then my Executors Executors (as written)  will sell all my personal property after the allowance to my wife & the remainder of my crop on account of twelve months.

 Article 7 – It  is my will that the proceeds of the sale in October to be equally divided with my children & that the Balance of the land (shall best, has been marked out) after the widows dower shall be sold in October (also, has been marked out)  & also she proceeds equally divided between all my children.

 Article 8 – I hereby appoint J. E. Prosser & J. J. Prosser my Executors to this my lasy Will & Testament Given under my hand & seal

May 25 1885                                                                J. A. Prosser (seal)

Attest ?  J. E. Neece

               T. J. Richardson

Article 9 – I want my executors to superintend the building of a cheap comfortable house as soon as possible the proceeds to come out of the my estate & at Rebecca Death I want her Dower sold & the proceeds equally divided between my children. 


Court Action Book RDB 1872 – 1901 Moore County Tennessee

Transcribed by Bobby Prosser (Note John D. had written his will 25 March, 1896. He had made provision for his wife Permilla and had also named his 13 siblings in the document. Permilla dies 21 June, 1896. At this time there is another person that enters the picture. John D. remarries Sallie J. Rainey on 17 December, 1896. John D. is nine months short of being eighty years of age and Sallie Rainey is about thirty six years of age. John D. dies 16 March, 1898. The will is probated 21 March, 1898 and the sale of property takes place on 06 September, 1898. Litigation follows and this is not resolved until 27 August, 1935. All the siblings have passed on but for a genealogist the documentation in the settlement adds other names to the family. Those documents will be posted in a series to follow after the court documents here. There are three court documents in this posting. They seem to end abruptly here. I do not know if I am missing more documents or what at this time?)

Guardian and Administrator’s Settlement Book 3.C. Pages 498 499

 Parties -- J. J. & M. A. Prosser, Admrs. Vs. Mrs., Eliza McNatt et al

Process -- Bill filed Jan. 22, 1901. Bond for cost M. A. & J. J. Prosser security. Copy Bill & Spas to ans. To the following parties in Moore County to wit: Mrs. Eliza McNatt, Mrs. Mary Gowan, Samuel Gowan, Mrs. Sallie Prosser, Mrs. Frances Bledsoe & husband T. N. Bledsoe & Horace Nicks, and copy of Bill and Spa to ans, to the following named persons in Lincoln County, Tenn. Viz: Mrs. Frances Redd & M. W. Redd, Jesse Prosser, ________ Eakes & ______ Eakes & wife ________ Eakes, J. E. Prosser, W. A. Prosser, Mrs. Kate Freeman & husband W. B. Freeman residents of Lincoln County, Tenn. and copy of Bill & Spa to ans, to Jonathan Prosser, resident of Marshall County, Tenn.

 Return -- Return of Spa. On parties named in Moore County. Came to hand when issued and executed by summoning the within named parties and having copy of Bill with Mrs. Sallie Prosser. This January 22, 1901. Gifford Woodard, Sheriff

 Rules --  J. J. and M. A. Prosser, admrs.  With will annexed of John Duke Prosser, dec. vs. / Order of Publication Eliza McNatt et al

 In this cause it appearing from the bill which is sworn to that the following Defendants are non-residents to wit: - Ella Prosser and husband Luther Prosser, Ezella Richardson and husband Wm. N.? Richardson; Uless Nicks; the unknown heirs of Jane Wright, ? who was a legatee under the will of said John Duke Prosser; the unknown heirs of Priscilla Davidson , who was also a legatee under said will: the unknown heirs of William Prosser, deceased, who was also a legatee under said will, all of which parties are entitled to share in the estate of said John Duke Prosser involved in the suit, by virtue of said will. Each and everyone of said parties therefore are hereby required to appear on 02 before the fourth Monday in February next, saying being the first day of the term of said Chancery Court holden in the court house at Lynchburg and make defense to said bill filed against them by said J. J. and M. A. Prosser admrs. etc., 02 otherwise said bill will be taken for confessed, and the cause set for hearing en parte as to them. It is further ordered that this notice be published for four consecutive weeks in the Lynchburg Falcon.

This Jan. 22, 1901.

                     Jas. T. Bickley, C & M

Parks & Park

  Solicitors for Complainants 

 (Note from Bobby Prosser: I do not have the documents for the 1902 hearings, but they are referred to in this 1904 document)

 Monday Feby. 1st 1904

 J. J. and M. A. Prosser Administrators of John Duke Prosser Deceased


Eliza McNatt Et. al.

Be it remembered that this cause came an to be heared (sic) by the Honorable Walter S. Bearden, Chancellor ?? on this 26th day of Feby. 1902, upon the pleadings, proof and the whole record, and especially upon the report of the master made to the present term which is in the words and figures following to wit:


J. J. and M. A. Prosser admrs. of John Duke Prosser, Deceased.


Eliza McNatt Et al

 I Jas. T. Bickley, Clerk and Master beg leave to make the following report in obedience to and under the direction of the Chancellor at August term 1901, directing me:

1st To show what assets came into the hands of the admrs. Or should have came into their hands, and the disposition made thereof.

2nd What disbursements and payments have been made in the course of the administration of the estate of said John Duke Prosser deceased.

3rd What bona fide debts, if any, are outstanding against said estate.

4th Who are the parties entitled to share in said estate under the decree, naming them and their representative interest, as herein before decreed – that is the net share of each.

5th Whether or not the Administrators have sold all the property, real and personal, of said estate, and if not, why not.

Under said decree I report as follows: Assets of the estate of John D. Prosser deceased that went into the hands of the Administrators J. J. and M. A. Prosser.

Personal Property:-

J. C. Epps - note                                                              25.00                                                                     

J. L. Prosser - note                                                          30.00

T. L. Prosser – note                                                         40.00

J. W. Barham – note                                                          2.00

J. J. Prosser – balance on note                                              .60

E. Hix Et al – note                                                            15.00 

Transcription Note: There are evidently some notations missing here as the figures ending and going forward on next page are missing. <<bp>>


Amount brought forward                                                437.60

Account against widow                                                    17.62

Personal property sold after April 9th 1893                    817.20        

                                                                                      1272.42                  1272.42



J. C. Epps note      uncollected                 25.00

T. L. Prosser note                                   40.00

Less 31/2 bbls. Corn                                    5.75                                               70.75



Real Estate

Lot No. 1                                                                        1578.75

          2                                                                        1383.12

          3                                                                          751.16

Aug. 6, 1898 Proceeds of Rents                                       158.60

Dec. 10, 1898                                                              169.64



As between the widow and the legatees the expenses incident? To the administrative debts of the estate, and lawyers fees are divided into three classes, To Wit: General expenses, chargable (sic) alike to both funds (real and personal) (2) Expenses charagble (sic) above to personally; (3) Expenses above charagble (sic) above to the real estate fund.

General expenses incident? to administrative to wit:

W. J. Morris, Clerks fee,                                                     4.70

W. J. Morris, Clerks fee,                                                     7.70

W. J. Morris, Clerks fee                                                      4.75

Parks & Parks Attys. Fee                                                  50.00

Admrs. Compensation                                                     150.00

Holman & Carters, Attys. Fee                                           75.00

George Gillaspie (sic) fee                                                    1.35

W W Gordan? Cast in this cause Non Resident Notice     10.00       303.50

To this amount must be added the expense of

Administrative and lawyers fees yet unpaid, and that

may hereafter be incurred; Non are the cost and attorneys fees

in this cause included. Said $303.50 is appointed to the personal

property fund and the real estate fund in proportion of the amount

of each as follows: $71.82 to the personal property fund; $231.68

to the real estate fund. Expense of Administrative chargable (sic)

to the real estate fund, no part of which is to be born by the personal

property fund:

J. L.  Hutson Surveyors fee                            3.00

J. L. Steelman carrying chain                           .50

R. M. Allen                                                       .50

Carried forward                                               4.00


Guardian and Administration & Settlement Book Records Book 5, Pg. 474 Moore Co. TN.

Transcribed by Bobby Prosser

Inventory of Estate of John Duke Prosser, deceased

The following is the inventory of H. M. Gowan, administrator 1de bon-num cum Testaments annex of John Duke Prosser, deceased, on this the 14th day of April, 1934


All that is to come into the hands of said administrator etc., is one tract of land, consisting of about 138 acres, situated in the eighth civil district of Moore County, Tennessee, and the sixth civil district of Lincoln County Tenn., bounded on the north by the lands of John Park, on the east by Park, on the south by Mrs. W. G. Thomas and Wilson Steelman and on the west by the lands of Horace Collier and W. A. Gowan, same being known as the homestead tract of Mrs. Sallie J. Prosser

                                                                                    H. M. Gowan


State of TennesseeMoore County comes H. M. Gowan, administrator 1de bon-num cum testament annex of John Duke Prosser, deceased, and makes oath that the above and forgoing is a full, true and correct inventory of said estate coming into his hands as such, or which, by the exercise of due diligence on his part, ought to come into his hands.


                                                                                           This April 14, 1934

                                                                                           H. M. Gowan


Submitted and sworn to before me April 14, 1934

                                                                                            Roy Copeland

                                                                                            County Court Clerk 


Transcribing note: 1 – This is the nearest that I could interpret this from the dictionary.



Final Settlement of H. M. Gowan, administrator with the Will annexed of J. D. Prosser, deceased. Pages 502, 503, 504


(Page 502) Settlement of H. M. Gowan, administrator with the Will annexed of J. D. Prosser, deceased, made on notice to the legatees on this the 27th day of August, 1935 in the County Court of Moore County, Tenn.


To sum brought forward from previous settlement ----------------------------------$690.92

To amt. from sale of crops                                                                                         44.35




The following is the sum paid by me as administrator, etc., to the legatees

Of J. D. Prosser, deceased.


1Jonathan Prosser, dec’d. Heirs,) Son of J. D. Prosser.

Wilson Prosser, a son, paid share to W. L. Prosser the owner thereof                     $10.46

Ed Prosser, a son same being shares of Ann Dixon, Fannie Darnall, and                  41.84

Orpha Brents, owned by Ed Prosser Mattie Broadway, dec’d

Walter Broadway,                                                                                                         3.47

Mrs. Lawrence Porter, dec’d                                                                                         3.47


1Jesse Prosser/ a Son of J. D. Prosser dec’d, heirs

Jonathan Prosser                                                                                                           8.97

John Prosser                                                                                                                  8.97

Lou Hobbs a daughter                                                                                                   8.97

America Hobbs a daughter, dec’d          

Ida May Street        /

Florence Brewer     /

Loyd Hobbs            /                                                                                                      8.97

Ida Redd                                                                                                                         8.97

Arthur Prosser, a son, dec’d

Mrs. Clara Malone                                                                                                         2.99

Alline Prosser                                                                                                                 2.99

Vera Tallent                                                                                                                    2.99

1William Prosser, a Son, heirs unknown ¼ of this share purchased by

 J. J. Prosser and 15.70 paid to J. J. Prosser                                                                  15.70

1Mark Prosser, a Son, dec’d.

          Maryetta Whitaker                                                                                              15.70

          Beatrice Childress

             Clark and Lucille Childress                                                                             15.70

Berry Prosser, a 1Son, dec’d., heirs

           J. E. Prosser, a son, share paid to Myrtle Landiss                                               7.85

           J. J. Prosser                                                                                                          7.85

           W. A. Prosser                                                                                                       7.85

           T. L. Prosser                                                                                                         7.85


(Page 503) Frances Bledsoe, dec’d, heirs

 Emma Redd                                                                                                                   1.96

 Permillia Barham                                                                                                           1.96

Ossie Barham                                                                                                                  1.96

J. T. Barham                                                                                                                    1.96

Kate Freeman, a daughter, dec’d.

Ena Yearwood                                                                                                                 7.85

Annie Nix, a daughter dec’d., heirs

Horace and Eui___ Nix                                                                                                  7.84

Ezella Richardson                                                                                                           7.85

2Eliza McNatt a daughter of, dec’d., heirs

Marion McNatt, son dec’d, heirs

Panten? McNatt                                                                                                              1.14

Mrs. A. E. Pitts                                                                                                               1.14

S. M. McNatt                                                                                                                  1.14

Mrs. O. C. Wade                                                                                                             1.14

L. B. McNatt                                                                                                                   1.14

Ella Damron                                                                                                                    1.14

Callie McNatt                                                                                                                  1.14

Mrs. W. H. Reese                                                                                                            1.14

Mrs. Willie Petty                                                                                                             1.14

Nannie Warden                                                                                                               1.14

Newel McNatt, dec’d., son

Raby McNatt                                                                                                                   3.14

Clarence McNatt                                                                                                             3.14

Dempsey McNatt, dec’d., son

Mrs. Grady Wright                                                                                                          6.28

2Mary Gowan and 2Frances Redd, daughters of J. D. Prosser, Dec’d.,

Shares ________by Sam Gowan, now deceased.

 Heirs of Sam Gowan

Mrs. H. P. Collier                                                                                                          20.93

D. E. Gowan                                                                                                                 20.93

B. G. Gowan                                                                                                                 20.93

Exie Gowan                                                                                                                  20.93

Fannie Williams                                                                                                            20.93

H. M. Gowan                                                                                                                20.93

2Hepsey Epps, a daughter, share owned by J. J. Prosser                                              62.81

To amt. paid L. L. Tolley, Trustee for taxes                                                                   5.50

                Roy Copeland, Clerk for fees                                                                    5.25

To Amt. paid Roy H. Parkes JR., for service in settlement                                          15.00  

To amt. allowed administrator as compensation for extra service

Because of number of heirs and trouble in locating them                                            18.12

To amt., federal tax on 36 checks at .02 each                                                                   .72


(Page 504) Final Settlement of H. M. Gowan, Administrator with

The Will annexed of J. D. Prosser, deceased


All the legatees of J. D. Prosser, deceased have been paid in full by me,

as shown above except the following and I have been unable to locate any

of them after diligent inquiry, a full share amounting to $62.81. One unknown

minor child of Mattie Broadway, residence unknown, is entitled to                              3.47

Ana Prosser, a daughter of Jessie Prosser                                                                       8.97

1William Prosser, a son of J. D. Prosser; ¼ of this share owned by J. J. Prosser

leaving balance due                                                                                                       47.11

Doc Prosser, a son of Mark Prosser                                                                              15.70

Wilson Prosser, a son of Mark Prosser                                                                         15.70

Ross McNatt a son of Newell McNatt                                                                            3.14

Another child of Newell McNatt, unknown                                                                   3.14

Esmon Reese, a son of Eliza McNatt                                                                            12.56

Benny McNatt, a son of Eliza McNatt                                                                          12.56

Edgar McNatt, a son of Dempsey McNatt                                                                      6.28

2Jane Wright, a daughter of J. D. Prosser, Dec’d.                                                         62.81 

2Priscilla Davidson, a daughter of J. D. Prosser, Dec’d.                                                62.61




Amount from previous settlement                                                 $735.27

Amount paid out by Adm., etc.,                                                      735.27

As per this settlement                                                                     ______

Balance on hand                                                                              000.00


H. M. Gowan

        Adm., etc.


Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 27th day of August, 1935

                                                                        Roy Copeland

                                                                        County Court Clerk


(Examined, approved and admitted to record

This Aug. 27, 1935 Roy _______


Note from Bobby Prosser, transcriber

1 – As you look at the final Will and Testament of John Duke Prosser written on the date March 25th, 1896 you will see that the subject is listed as brother. There was an error by the clerk of listing subject as a son
2 – As you look at the final Will and Testament of John Duke Prosser written on the date
March 25th, 1896 you will see that the subject is listed as sister. There was an error by the clerk of listing subject as a daughter. This concludes the settlement of said estate that from the beginning of the writing of the Will and Testament to the conclusion. 25 March 1896 to 27 August 1935



Name Index of Transcribed Records: James Prosser, Grant; Will of James Prosser, Will of J. D. (John Duke) Prosser, Estate Inventory of J. D. Prosser, Will of James Asberry Prosser, Estate Settlement of John Duke Prosser, Moore County Records 1901 – 1902

 Allen, R. M.

Ashbey, Jno. – High Bidder

Ashby, Nolen – High Bidder

 Bagley, J. E. – High Bidder

Bagley, Will – High Bidder

Barham, J. W. – Promissory Note

Barham, Ossie – Frances Redd Heirs

Barham, Permillia – Frances Redd Heirs

Barham, J. T. – Frances Redd Heirs

Barnes, John C.Receiver

Bearden, Walter S. - Chancellor

Bickley, Jas. T. – Court & Master

Bledsoe, Frances

Bledsoe, T. N. -

Bledsoe, Thomas – High Bidder

Broadway, Mattie – Daughter of Jonathan Prosser

Broadway, Walter – Son of Mattie Broadway

Bryant, J. C. – High Bidder

Buntley, John – High Bidder

Burns, T. J. – High Bidder

Carmack, George, High Bidder

Carroll, William – Governor State of Tennessee

Childress, Beatrice – Mark Prosser Heirs

Childress, Clark – Mark Prosser Heirs

Childress, Lucille – Mark Prosser Heirs

Collier, H. P. – Mary Gowan Heirs

Collier, Horace – Property Bounds

Collier, I. J. – High Bidder

Collier, Mark – High Bidder

Copeland, Roy – County Court Clerk

Congro/Conger, Henry – High Bidder 

Conwell, E. R. – High Bidder

Cox, J. H. – High Bidder

Crane, Lee – High Bidder

 Damron, Ella – Eliza McNatt Heirs

Davidson, Priscilla – Daughter of James Prosser, Sister of John D. Prosser

Darnall, Fannie – Daughter of Jonathan Prosser

Dixon, Annie – Daughter of Jonathan Prosser

 Epps, J. C. – Promissory Note

Eakes, _______

Eakes, ________

Eakes, wife of ________

 Gammil, Belle – High Bidder

Gammill, O. D. – High Bidder

Gealspie/Gelispie/Gillispie/Gillaspie, Geo. – High Bidder

Gill, T. M. – High Bidder

Gordan, W. W. –

Gowan, B. G. – Mary Gowan Heirs

Gowan, D. E. – Mary Gowan Heirs

Gowan, Exie – Mary Gowan Heirs

Gowan, H. M. – Administrator, Mary Gowan Heirs

Gowan, Mary – Daughter of James Prosser, Sister of John Duke Prosser

Gowan, Sam – High Bidder, Brother-in-law of John Duke Prosser

Gowan, W. A. – Executor, High Bidder, Property Bounds

Grace, Tom – High Bidder

Griswell, DR. – High Bidder

 Foster, J. B. – High Bidder

Foster, W. B. High Bidder

Freeman, Kate – Wife of W. B., Frances Redd Heirs

Freeman, W. B. –

 Hazelwood, Albert – High Bidder

Hix, E. – Promissory Note

Hix, V. G. – Promissory Note

Hobbs, America – Jesse Prosser Heirs

Hobbs, Loyd – Jesse Prosser Heirs

Hobbs, Lou – Jesse Prosser Heirs

Holley, J. D. – High Bidder

Holman & Carters - Attorneys

Holt, Charley – High Bidder

Holt, Chasy – High Bidder

Hutson, J. L. – Surveyor

 Jones, B. M. – High Bidder

 Landess, John – Witness

Landess, Myrtle – James Asberry Prosser Heirs

Ledford, _____ - Promissory Note

Logan, Butler – High Bidder

 Malone, Clara Mrs. – Jesse Prosser Heirs

McGee, J. R. – High Bidder

McKinney, D. – High Bidder

McNatt, Callie – Eliza McNatt Heirs

McNatt, Clarence – Eliza McNatt Heirs

McNatt, Dempsey – Eliza McNatt Heirs

McNatt, Edgar – Son of Dempsey McNatt

McNatt, Eliza – Daughter of James Prosser, Sister of John Duke Prosser

McNatt, L. B. – Eliza McNatt Heirs

McNatt, Marion – Eliza McNatt Heirs

McNatt, Newel – Eliza McNatt Heirs

McNatt, Ponten? – Eliza McNatt Heirs

McNatt, Raby – Eliza McNatt Heirs

McNatt, Ross – Son of Newel McNatt

McNatt, S. M. – Eliza McNatt Heirs

Moore, Bob – High Bidder

Moore, G. W. – Promissory Note

Morris, W. J. – Clerk

 Neece, J. E. – High Bidder, Executor of James Asberry Prosser Estate

Newsom, Lewis – Esq.

Nicks, Horace – High Bidder, Frances Redd Heirs

Nicks, Uless – Frances Redd Heirs

Nix, Annie – Frances Redd Heirs

 Ousley, S. F. – High Bidder

 Park, John – Property Bounds

Parks & Park – Attorneys

Parks, Roy H. JR –

Patten, J. C. – High Bidder

Petty, Willie Mrs. – Eliza McNatt Heirs

Phillips, M. G. – High Bidder

Pitts, E. A. Mrs. – Eliza McNatt Heirs

Pitts, J. C. – High Bidder

Porter, Lewis Mrs. -

Prince, H. W. – High Bidder

Prince, Homer – High Bidder

Prosser, Alline – Jesse Prosser Heirs

Prosser, Ana – Jesse Prosser Heirs

Prosser, Arthur – Jesse Prosser Heirs

Prosser, Doc – Mark Prosser Heirs

Prosser, Ed – Son of Jonathan Prosser

Prosser, Eliza – Daughter of James Prosser, Sister of John Duke Prosser

Prosser, Ella – Wife of Luther Prosser

Prosser, Elizabeth Frances/Frances Daughter of James Prosser, Sister of John Duke

Prosser, Fannie Mrs. – High Bidder

Prosser, Green/Perry Green – Son of James Prosser

Prosser, Hepsey – Daughter of James Prosser, Sister of John Duke Prosser

Prosser, J. E. – High Bidder, James Asberry Prosser Heirs

Prosser, J. J. – Administrator, (Johnny, James Asberry Prosser Heirs)

Prosser, J. L. – Promissory Note

Prosser, J. M. – High Bidder

Prosser, James – Prosser progenitor

Prosser, James Asberry/Berry/J. A. – Son of James Prosser, Brother of John Duke Prosser

Prosser, Jane – Daughter of James Prosser, Sister of John Duke Prosser

Prosser, Jesse – Son of James Prosser, Brother of John Duke Prosser

Prosser, John – Jesse Prosser Heirs

Prosser John D./John Duke/ J. D. – Son of James Prosser

Prosser, Jonathan Prosser – Son of James Prosser, Brother of John Duke Prosser

Prosser, Frances – Wife of James Prosser

Prosser, Marion – Son of James Prosser, Brother of John Duke Prosser

Prosser, Mark/M. A. – Son of James Prosser, Brother of John Duke Prosser

Prosser, Mark Mrs. – High Bidder

Prosser, Mary Amelia/Mary – Daughter of James Prosser, Sister of John Duke Prosser

Prosser, Orphia – Daughter of Jonathan Prosser

Prosser, Permealy/Permillia – 1st wife of John Duke Prosser

Prosser, Priscilla – Daughter of James Prosser Sister of John Duke Prosser

Prosser, Rebecca (Wilkins Bagley) – James Asberry Prosser’s wife

Prosser, (Rainey) Sallie J. – 2nd wife of John Duke Prosser, widow

Prosser, T. L. – Promissory Note, High Bidder, James Asberry Prosser Heirs

Prosser, W. A. – Executor, High Bidder, James Asberry Prosser Heirs

Prosser, Wilson – Mark Prosser Heirs

Prosser, Wilson – Son of Jonathan Prosser

Prosser, William – Son of James Prosser, Brother of John Duke Prosser

Prosser, W. L. – Received Wilson Prosser share

 Raby, W. S. – High Bidder

Raney, H. – Promissory Note

Raney, M. L. – High Bidder

Raney, J. C. – High Bidder

Raney, Morgan – High Bidder

Redd, Ben – High Bidder

Redd, Emma – Frances Redd Heirs

Redd, Frances – Daughter of James Prosser, Sister of John Duke Prosser

Redd, Ida – Jesse Prosser Heirs

Redd, M. C. – Promissory Note

Redd, M.W. – High Bidder, Brother-in-law of John Duke Prosser

Redd, W. W. Mrs. – High Bidder

Reese, Esmon – Eliza McNatt Heirs

Reese, J. F. – Promissory Note

Reese W. H. Mrs. – Eliza McNatt Heirs

Renegar, Lon – High Bidder

Reynolds, Jonathan – Bounded property

Richardson, Ezella – Wife of Wm. N. Richardson

Richardson, J. A. – High Bidder

Richardson, T. J. – Executor Estate of James Asberry Prosser

Richardson, Wm. – Witness

Robinson, Joe – High Bidder

Rutledge, J. H. – High bidder

 Sebastian, J. N. – Clerk Chairman

Sharp, I. W. – High Bidder

Shipley, W. A. – High Bidder

Shull, G. O. – High Bidder

Steelman, Bettie – High Bidder

Steelman, J. A. – High Bidder

Steelman, J. L. – Chain Carrier

Steelman, _____ Mrs. – Promissory Note 

Steelman, W. A. – High Bidder

Steelman, W. G. – High Bidder

Steelman, Wilson – High Bidder, Property Bounds

Street, Ida May – Jesse Prosser Heirs

Stone, Eliza - 

Stone, Nora A. Mrs. – Guardian

Stone, Wm. A. –

 Tallent, Vera – Jesse Prosser Heirs

Tessy?, W. W. – High Bidder

Thomas, W. G. Mrs. – Property Bounds

Tolley, L. L. – Trustee of Hepsey Epps Estate

Turpin, F. M. – High Bidder

Turpin, Jesse – High Bidder

 Wade, O. C. Mrs. – Eliza McNatt Heirs

Wagister, Dan – High Bidder

Wagster, David – Witness

Wagster, W. C. – High Bidder

Warden, Nannie – Eliza McNatt Heirs

Waid, F. M. – High Bidder

Warren, J. C. – High Bidder

Whitaker, J. – High Bidder

Whitaker, Mary Etta, Mark Prosser Heirs

Williams, Fannie – Mary Gowan Heirs

Woodard, Gifford – Sheriff

Woodard, J. G. – High Bidder

Woodard, J. J. – High Bidder

Wright, Grady Mrs. – Eliza McNatt Heirs

Wright, Jane – Daughter of James Prosser, Sister of John Duke Prosser

Wright, R. C. – High Bidder

 Yearwood, Ena – Frances Redd Heirs

(Note from Bobby Prosser: I have tried to index these names. Our families used a lot of the same names such as Wilson, John, and Jonathan etc. You have to work to see which name belongs to which family.)